Types of missions

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In this guide you will learn the different types of missions that you can find in Blast Breaker.


The NPC you will be finding along the way may have quests available to you. You can tell if an NPC has quests for you, because a yellow exclamation mark it appears above the NPC, as shown in the following figure:


When you talk to the NPC a menu with different options will appear to give you the missions that the NPC has prepared for you, you have to select the option “Can I ask something?” marked with a yellow question mark and click on “Select “.


Once select it the following dialog box will appear, where you may see one or more quests available to get you listed. They will be marked with a yellow exclamation point.

You have to select the mission you want, and click the “Select” button. When you do, the NPC will explain where is the mission you have to do.


At the end of the explaination the following mission information window will appear:


As you can see this window give you information of the mission like the name of the mission or the reward that you will get. Once you do click on the “Accept” button, the mission will appear in the top right of the screen marked as follows:


To know for which area you have to go to complete the mission, you can click on the name of the mission and it will open the map telling you the area where you are, and the area where you have to go to carry out the mission. In addition, a yellow indicator to tell you which area you need to go to accomplish the mission will appear. Just follow this indicator.

Remember that to accomplish the mission, you have to create a room, as we explain in this other guide.

Once you complete the mission, this message will appear at the top of the screen, confirming to you have passed the mission.


Every time you complete a mission, you will appear in the Mission Reward Room, there you will have to choose your reward.


Once you get out of the Mission Reward Room, as you can see in the top right of the screen, the status of the mission has changed:


Follow instructions and go to talk to the NPC who gave you the mission. Once you have finished to talk to him, it will give the reward. If the exclamation mark appears above the NPC again, talk to him again, you may have another mission for you.


The daily missions are the ones who appear every day automatically. You can make 2 daily quests per day. You can see that missions at the top right of the screen and can be different types as you can see in the picture below:


If you notice, there are two different daily missions, the first is to finis two mission maps, however, the second consists of collecting some items.

After completing the mission, it will automatically disappear from the top, you will see the window completed in “Profile” (ALT + S). If you click on the tab “quest” you select “Completed” and you’ll see the information of the mission and the reward that is automatically sent you to your inventory.




These missions you can be found on the bulletin boards to find the Lobby of cities.

If you press the space bar, will open the menu with all available missions of ARIAR Alliance for the area in which you find yourself:


If you look at the picture, if you have completed a mission, it appear to you “Mission completed” before the name of the mission, but this does not mean you can’t do it again, you can repeat missions as often as you want.

As happens with NPC missions, you have to choose the mission you want and click on the “Select” button. After the explaination of the mission a window with all the information of the mission appears. You have to click “Accept”.


The mission will be marked at the top right of the screen, and, once you complete it, you must return to the Board of the ARIAR Alliance to get your reward.


With these missions, you will follow the main story of the game, and the story changes depending on the character you choose.

The story missions will also appear in the top right of the screen, but in red colour.


As in the case of NPCs, it will appear to you an indicator of the area to which you have to run to the mission, but in this case, it will be red colour. You just have to follow.

When you are in the mission area, click in the name of the mission and you will see the following screen:


Click the “Yes” button to create the mission room.

Once you complete the mission, the indications to continue the story it will change. Follow completing all story missions to know everything that has happened in the ARIAR world.

Remember that any time you can see all the information related to your missions through the window “Profiles” (ALT + S).

You can view the status of your story missions, daily missions, NPC and you can see both that you have active and you have already completed.

You know you can create rooms of up to 4 players, or also you can join the missions of other players.

If you have any questions do not forget to visit our Forum Blast Breaker.


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