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It could not lack the PvP system, here we leave the guide in order to participate in the Arenas, and prove you’re the best Ariar warrior.


First off, you have to know is that the minimum level required to participate in Arenas is 15.

To go to Arena, you have to press the F9 key, you get the following message:

You have to click on the PvP channel and click on the “Select” button on the bottom. Then you’ll take PvP area.

Once inside it, you have to talk with Adun that is the NPC in the Arena area. As you can see in the picture, it will give the option of entering the Arenas, or, you can ask him more about Arenas.

If at the end you decide to participate in the Arenas, you’ll find 3 different modes of PvP: PvP Custom, and Ranked PvP clan war. For now, we will focus on custom PvP, of the other two systems PvP, we will talk about later.

When you click on “Custom PvP” the list will appear with all the rooms that have been created, if you mouse over the name of the room, the information will appear:

If you dare not to participate, and you want to first see how the arena, if the room allows, you can join as “Spectator”, in this way, you will see the confrontation between the other players but not participating.

If you prefer, you can create a custom room:

As you can see in the picture, to create your custom room, you can set the name of the room, you can set a password to make it private, you can set the rules you want, the time limit, the limit level, the gameplay, the necessary players, necessary points to win, and, of course, you can choose the map that you want to play.

Once you have defined the settings of your room, simply click on the button “Create”


For every battle in the arena, you will earn “Arena vouchers”. The quantity that you earn will depend on your score in the clash.

For exchanging these vouchers, you have to go to the NPC called Fennox, and is right next to the sand NPC, Adun, and click “exchange store Arena voucher”

As you can see, the items you can get and the vouchers needed to get it will appear. When you have enough, it will appear an arrow as the one shown in the picture, to tell you that you can exchange for that item.

If you want to exchange the vouchers click in the yellow arrow above and you get it in your inventory.


If you want to return ARIAR to continue your mission, and leave the PvP channel, you have to click F9 and it will appear channel selection window, you click on the PvE channel and, when you click the button “Select” you will appear in the missions area where you left off.

We hope this guide will be useful to you and that feel encouraged to participate in Arenas, besides being fun, can you get items that will be very helpful in your adventure through the world of ARIAR.

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