New patch 60 and more things

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Blast Breakers Hello!

Those who have visited the world ARIAR you know that there are many reasons for playing Blast Breaker: is a fun, dynamic game, you can play completing quests in a vast open world or, if you prefer, test your batiéndote skills with other players in a balanced pvp mode. Furthermore, it is a lively game with constant updates like that you are preparing for next Feb. 5.

Friday February 5th implement a patch with a lot of new content, do you want to know all the news that await you in ARIAR? Well, here they are:

New Map: Fortaleza Huekren
New sets for your characters:
A new avatar prize that you can redeem for the Token
A seasonal avatar
More levels: Come up to level 60!
We have also implemented a search engine PVP groups to practice
We hope you enjoy all the content that brings you the new patch. You do not miss the hype!

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