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Still you do not know the Lottery Blast Breaker? Take advantage now that we lower the price of all items in the shop to buy the token that will allow you to open the Treasure Chests and discover fabulous prizes.

As of December 24 premium buy a token for only 8 TX! With it you can open a treasure chest Dorado and have the chance to win major awards:

Faye weapons and armor: An exclusive set that can not get any other way.
Hair dyes,
master keys,
extra lives,
Lupas … and much more!
And for 2 TX can buy a common token to open a treasure chest Silver which may contain:

Keys to open chests finding that you are going for the game,
Token Premium to open the gold chests,
Lupas … and much more!
So do not worry if you have not touched the Gordo Christmas, you can still get great prizes in the lottery Blast Breaker;)

Comenta esta noticia en el foro de Blast Breaker.


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