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Stella, a young queen-to-be princess, was forced to fled from her homeland as her life was ruined when blasters attacked on her fated crowning day. Wielding magical powers only known in legends, Stella aims to destroy the blasters as well as return to her homeland and restore it one day.


Alan, a young swordsman who witnessed the destruction of his whole village by blasters. He seeks to avenge his mother and lover, and the whole village by completely wiping out all blasters, those that appear before his eyes and not. Alan wields a sword using his own burning rage and life force as a fuel to fight.


Elona, a small stature Elven orphan devoting her life to help others. Her focus is now set upon the recent Blaster threats that are destroying the world. With her Bow skills learned from her savior alongside the control of wind, she is a fearsome archer of the deep woods.

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