Crafting, Upgrade and Repair

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In this guide you will learn how crafting, improve and repair your equipment. As you know, the NPC equipment responsible is the blacksmith.


As we have explained in another guide, you can buy your weapons and equipment, but if you prefer, you can create it. Weapons and equipment typically created for you will be stronger than you can find for sale in the shop NPC.

In this case, you have to select “Can you help me with smithing?” and once you click on select, you two options appear:

In this case we have to choose “I want to create something”, and when you click on the button “Select” it will open the window “Craft Items”.

As you can see, on the left appear you all categories of items that you can crafting, you only have to go deploying each to see you need to create these items. Furthermore, in the bottom right of the window will appear 3 squares:

“Display only craftable items” – If you check this box, only the items you can crafting right now because you have all the ingredients appear.

“Display only for your class” – By checking this box, you appear only items that are relevant to your class.

“Display only for your level” – By checking this box, you appear only items that are appropriate to your level.


If you look at the picture, you can see that we have the necessary ingredients for crafting the item, but if you look at the upper right, the success rate is only 10%.

On the right side, we appear to us additional items that we can use in our crafting. If we have these items in our inventory, we number the quantity we have in black color, changed, will appear if we have those items, will appear a 0 in red, indicating that the material it can’t use.

If we modify the amount of those additional items, we see that the probability of success in our crafting increases. In this case, it has increased up to 100%.


When we are insurance to make this crafting, you have to click on the button at the bottom “Crafting”, the process will take place, and, when finished, you will be marked in this way if you succeed:

Or this other way if the crafting fails:


We also have the option to upgrade our equipment. In this case, you have to select the same option for crafting, “Can you help me with smithing?” Menu of NPC, and once you click on select, and these options will appear:


Now, you have to choose “I want to upgrade equipment”. ‘Upgrade’ window will open.


If you look on the left it appears items that we can improve. If we select one in the upper left us the level at which we will enhance the item and the success rate appears.

In the column “Upgrade Parameter” Item current options and options item when we improve what we appear.

In the column “Requirement Items” items that you need to improve the weapon appear.

When you have all necessary items, simply click the button to “Upgrade”.


You will realize that as time goes on and you use the computer, its durability will go down, lest it lose its effectiveness will have to be repaired at the blacksmith.

If the equipment is damaged it will appear highlighted in this way:

If you click on the icon, you opened a window like this one, which will indicate that part or parts of your equipment or weapon is damaged and need to be repaired. If you look if you mouse over it, you will see the actual durability of the equipment.

If on the contrary, the equipement is totally broken, it will appear highlighted in this way:

To repair the equipment, you have to select the option: “Please repair my equipments” in NPC menu.


When you do this, it will open the window repair equipment, where it will appear all the equipment that you have repaired.

At the bottom, the repair cost will appear. To repair can click on the icon to repair, and the item will be repaired automatically.


If you look at the character information window (ALT + Q), you can check the durability of the equipment you have just repair:


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