Buy and Sell Weapons and Equipement

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This guide will explain how to buy weapons and equipment, or sell items. But this is not all! You can also craft, repair and upgrade your equipment.

First off you have to know that the NPC in charge equipment is the blacksmith.


When you find the blacksmith of the city you’re in, talk to him. In this case, as we are in Astrea, the blacksmith is Reo. When you talk to him, the following menu will appear:


If you select the option “Let me look at what you have” it will open the window to purchase items.


As you see in the picture, you can buy weapons, equipment and accessories such as gloves, bracelets, etc. In addition, the purchase window shows your inventory and Beru that you have.

In the case of equipment, you have to find the appropriate to your class, and if you put your mouse over the image of the weapon or equipment that you’re interested, it will appear you a comparison of the item that you want to buy, and that you have equipped actually:


As you can see on the left it will appears the description, minimum required level and options of item you want to buy, and the right side, it will appears all information on the item you have equipped, so you can compare and decide if you’re interested or not buy.

You have to check the box at the bottom of the window “Autotrade by right click”. After switching on, when you right-click over the item you want, the item will appear directly in your inventory.



If you prefer to sell any item to the NPC, you can do it using the “I need to sell some items” and click on the “Select” button.


At the time you select this option, you will open the sale of items:


As you can see in the image at the bottom of the window of sale, there are two boxes, you have to activate the “Autotrade by right click” and, by clicking the sale is made.

If you do not activate the box “Sell maximum amount”, and you have multiple drives, when you right click it will appear you the next window in which you can choose the number of items you want to sell:


When you make a sale, it appears to you to the left the information items you’ve sold and the amount for which you sold (per unit) as shown in the following figure:


We hope this guide has helped you, dont forget to visit the guide that explain how to craft, repair and improve your items.

If you have any questions do not forget to visit our Forum Blast Breaker.

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