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Santa Claus comes to Blast Breaker! The Christmas spirit has invaded Blast Breaker, so we wanted to give you a gift this Christmas Eve: we lowered shop prices up to 70%!

As of December 24, all items in the store will be between 30% and lowest 70%, so you can buy all the lives you want and play without fear of dying, or so you can customize your character with sets and weapons in the store. The token to open the treasure chests have also been on sale which will allow you access to exclusive sets, unique for hairs of your characters and many objects more skills.

And also this super lower prices, we will also apply a temporary discount, only during Christmas Scrolls Transportation that can be purchased through AP: 40% off! AP 1800 points now until January 7 will cost you only 1000 points AP.

Comenta esta noticia en el foro de Blast Breaker.


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